Client Reference

Client Session

ClientSessionService is the recommended interface for subscribing and publish to a hpfeeds broker with Twisted.

class hpfeeds.twisted.ClientSessionService(endpoint, ident, secret)
param str endpoint:
 A Twisted endpoint describing the broker to connect to.
param str ident:
 The identity to authenticate with.
param str secret:
 The secret to authenticate with.

The class for creating client sessions and publish/subscribing.

Instances of this class will automatically maintain a connection to the broker and try to reconnect if that connection fails.


Retrieve a single message from the broker.

Returns:A Deferred that fires on delivery of a message by the broker.
Return type:twisted.internet.defer.Deferred
publish(channel, payload)
  • channel (str) – The channel to post the payload to.
  • payload (bytes) – The data to publish to the broker.

Send the given payload to the given channel.

Parameters:channel (str) – The channel to subscribe to.

Subscribe to the named channel.

Parameters:channel (str) – The channel to subscribe to.

Unsubscribe from the named channel.